Thursday, March 16, 2017

S/MIME interoperability videos index

Fossa Team has finished a filming season and is glad to supply our users with a full list of how-to videos demonstrating how to install Fossa certificates and start S/MIME mailing for the following platforms:

We try to follow the same scenario in all videos to simplify understanding:
  • User delivers PKCS#12 archive (with his private key and certificate protected by a passphrase) by sending it as an attachment to himself. 
  • User installs PKCS#12 archive into the email client User would like to exchange S/MIME messages from/to Gmail.
  • User installs Fossa Root F1 and Sub F2 certificates. Set Fossa Root F1 as a trusted certificate and ensure that certificate chain validation works correctly. 
  • User sends S/MIME signed and encrypted message between Gmail and selected email client demonstrating signature validness and decrypted (with attachments) content. 
Please let us know if you missed something while configuring S/MIME exchange for mail clients mentioned above.