Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fossa Guard Pro V0.1.9 - addressing usability.

Fossa Team is proud to announce new 0.1.9 version of Fossa Guard Pro extension for Chrome which enables end-to-end Gmail encryption and signing using S/MIME specification.

The new release includes following features:

  • Local (in-browser) self-signed X.509 certificate generation and enrollment providing a basis for end-to-end secure communication without a necessity to establish the trust to third parties.

  • Private key passphrase caching for fixed 10 minutes helping a User to reduce annoying passphrase manipulations.

  • Pre-enrolled trusted Root / Sub certificates from major vendors GlobalSign, Comodo, WISeKey, DigiCert making 3d party certificates validation simple.

Please note that Fossa Team is working on the cumulative update for free Fossa Guard extension as well.

Stay tuned!