Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fossa Guard V0.3.1 Interoperability Mission

New V0.3.1 (aka beta 3) of free S/MIME solution for Gmail has been released with Interoperability mission on board. Below supported and tested scenarios:

Microsoft Outlook specifics 
One interesting issue was discovered during integration with MS Outlook. As you may know, S/MIME depends on PKCS#7 format to transfer messages. In its turn, PKCS#7 relies on ASN.1 DER/BER encoding. DER/BER encoding is standard TLV (Type / Length / Value) and Length can be encoded in 2 forms: a definite length form and an indefinite length form (refer to X.690 8.1.3). 
Every e-mail client we tested Fossa Guard with supports both Length forms, however, MS Outlook supports only indefinite length form.

Sent TO Gmail + FossaGuard from

Mozilla Thunderbird Outlook (desktop) iOS Mail Android CipherMail
multipart/signed OK OK OK OK
signed-data OK
enveloped-data OK OK OK OK
enveloped-data (multipart/signed) OK OK OK OK
enveloped-data (signed-data) OK

Sent FROM Gmail + FossaGuard to

Mozilla ThunderbirdOutlook (desktop)iOS MailAndroid CipherMail
enveloped-data (signed-data)OKOKOKOK

Documentation and video updates are coming soon ...

With love from Fossa Team 
on Groundhog day, 2017

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