Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fossa Guard V0.4.1

New V0.4.1 - free S/MIME solution for Gmail has been released to accomplish a functionality line-up with commercial Fossa Guard Pro including:

  • Private key (*.p12, *.pfx) import to have an ability to read S/MIME messages sent using previously issued identities. Note that free version allows sending S/MIME messages using only a valid Fossa certificate at the same time reading S/MIME messages is possible using any certificate (including self-signed)
  • Private key passphrase caching for fixed 10 minutes helping a User to reduce annoying passphrase manipulations.

  • Certificate re-enrollment using User's currently valid certificate instead of a shared secret. Note, that once User's certificate becomes invalid (outdated or revoked) - a shared secret will be used again to enroll a new certificate. 

1 comment:

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