Friday, January 31, 2020

2019 year summary

2019 was quite intriguing and motivating. Fossa solution has got strong interest from tier 1 international companies. End-to-end encryption for Gmail is becoming a vital necessity while US head offices insisting regional offices to migrate to Gmail. Technical experts quickly realized that hosted S/MIME solution provided by G Suite from Google doesn't guarantee email privacy having a 10x bigger operational cost comparing with the Fossa solution.

At the beginning of 2019 Fossa Team has accomplished Gmail 2018 new UI support introducing preview pane support.

We have spent a remarkable amount of time to pass through a new Gooogle security requirements verification from May 2019 till October 2019 which included:

Basic Gmail web mobile support has been implemented following one of the requests from our customers giving the same user experience on the Android devices:

Yandex, Firefox, Opera browsers support has come as an alternative to Chrome browser is quite important for some of our potential clients.

Multiple email support in Subject Alternative Name extension is also the request "from the field" when companies practice long and short email addresses for the same employee.

The final and most wanted ability has become a full-text multi-language search inside S/MIME encrypted messages based on the manual generation and refreshing of the local search index.

2020 is promising to become rich in new features and capabilities.
Stay tuned.

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