Sunday, June 28, 2020

Fossa Guard Pro 1.0 improvements

Roboto font

  • Roboto font has been introduced as a default font to be aligned with the overall Gmail appearance.

Compose / View dialogs

  • Fossa Guard Compose / View dialogs can be minimized by the click on the header not to block creating and viewing other S/MIME emails.

  • Minimized Compose / View dialogs are represented as bars at the bottom of the Gmail window and can be restored by the click on the subject or closed by the click on the cross icon.

Search Index

  • Search index size is presented in the form of a bar indicating the amount of available space.

Informational warnings for error cases

  • Informational alerts and warnings have been added for extension invalidation, user authentication, authorization, and synchronization errors.

See detailed article on the point:

Recipient certificate details and status

Recipients are presented by the pillows indicating the status of user certificate by the color and the corresponding icon, considering:

  • Green - there is at least one valid certificate for the email address
  • Red - there is at least one invalid certificate for the email address
  • Grey - there is no certificate for the email address

Click on the recipient's pillow opens `Recipient Details` popup with the information from the Contacts (photo, name, email) and list of certificates found in the local Chrome extension storage. There are in-place options to

  • Load certificate from the file
  • Load certificate from Fossa registry

Click on the certificate info opens `Certificate Details` popup displaying the internal information of the selected certificate.